Imbibe Inner Beauty Essentials Gift Pack (with FREE Collagen Lips)

  • $125.00

This Exclusive Inner Beauty Essentials Collection includes all the IMBIBE favourites; 

- 100g Imbibe Miracle Collagen 
- 500ml Imbibe Beauty Renewal 
PLUS a FREE BEST SELLING Imbibe Collagen Lips!

Imbibe Miracle Collagen 100g
Miracle Collagen is clinically shown to stimulate fibroblast cells within the skin-matrix to produce collagen, improve elastin and re-hydrate cells.
Upon ingestion Collagen Peptides are absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream, delivering the amino acids necessary for gut repair and cellular restoration with clinical results in wrinkle depth reduction and hair structure repair.

Imbibe Beauty Renewal 500ml
Swap your probiotic capsule for IMBIBE'S Beauty Renewal. A hydrating, multi-strain 3-in-1 liquid probiotic concentrate for microbial balance, gut health, hydration, absorption and cellular defense with a subtly sweet, naturally sugar-free taste.

Imbibe Collagen Lips (FREE!)
Swap your lip balm or overnight lip mask for IMBIBE'S Collagen Lips. This volumizing, nourishing lip treatment contains Collagen peptides that dissolve into the lips to stimulate collagen and elastin, clinically smoothing and plumping lips. But it doesn't stop there, with the addition of nourishing Vitamin E, coconut and shea butters to deliver key fatty acids and nutrients that moisturize lips and lock in hydration.