Intrametica Miron Preserving Caddies Collection

  • $449.85

Intrametica's Luxe Caddie Collection contains all three of their curated evidence-based formulations in biophotonic ultraviolet Miron glass.

The caddies collection includes :

- INTRAMETICA COLLAGEN ULTIMATE+ 150g so much more than a collagen supplement
- INTRAMETICA PURIFY BODY CLEANSE 180g clears and cleanses the liver & bowel to renew skin from the inside out
- INTRAMETICA TONED PROTEIN BOOST 400g bio-enhanced weight management prebiotic fibre and protein supplement with marine collagen

30 day’s supply of your favourite aesthetic companion range

Available in the beautiful Miron violet glass preserving caddie, filled for your convenience and ready to use.

We use Miron glass in our caddies so that it allows us to keep the formulations free from preservatives, fillers, chemicals, and antimicrobial agents, therefore maintaining ultimate freshness and potency.

Enhanced performance nutraceuticals for targeted aesthetic results