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Nativ Sens Tiger's Eye Body Gua Sha

  • $160.00

The latest member of the beautiful Nativ Sens range is this exquisite, handcrafted Tigers Eye body gua sha with lovely bands of yellow-golden colour through it. 

This piece is a mini version (14cm in length x 8cm wide) of the white jade body gua sha and features their 7 point multifunctional design with a dual purpose for the face and body; perfectly suited as a travel companion to use on the go.

Tigers Eye is a crystal gemstone known as the stone of courage. It is a root and sacral chakra stone which means it helps to get ground, build a safe and strong foundation, and find motivation once more. It's also used for warding off negative energy.

By increasing movement through gua sha massage, the skin is able to naturally clear blockages that lead to acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and overall strengthening the immunity of the skin. Promoting a supple complexion while helping serums to penetrate deeper.


  • To lift & sculpt the appearance of the skin with a stimulating massage
  • Drain lymph liquid in your face, neck and body
  • Reduce puffiness of the face
  • Smooth away appearance of wrinkles
  • Boost collagen
  • Body contouring
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Minimise pores
  • Clear skin
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Unblock Qi energy meridians

Instructions for use:

Always use on a clean face or body and apply a serum or oil to your skin before use to prevent the stone from dragging.

Massage face and neck in upwards motions, using the wings to contour. Glide the stone up and across cheekbones, forehead, eyebrows, and neck. Massage body in upwards strokes towards the heart. 

For best results, use morning or night for up to 15 minutes and clean thoroughly after each use.

How to Clean:

For at-home use, wash your gua sha tool with filtered water. If that’s not available, you can also use rubbing alcohol or an essential oil spray. Towel dry, then return it to your Nativ Sens pouch. 


Nativ Sens gua sha tools are handcrafted from authentic, natural stones that may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws. There may be variation in colour, pattern, veining, shine, texture, size, and shape. These are signs that our products are not chemically treated or mass produced. They are not defects and will not affect the function, use, or safety of the tool.