Hippie Lane Peace + Protect Healing Mist Spray

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The Hippie Lane Mist Sprays have been lovingly created, with intention, to provide you with the ideal atmosphere and delicious scent, conducive t positivity, radiance and spiritual protection. 

I worked with Alchemical Magic founder and 20 years+ energetic healer, Irene Payne, to create our mists to assist in providing an uplifting atmosphere in your sacred space and to further assist in your wellness journey.

Through her work as a spiritual healer, Irene incorporates her wisdom and teachings as a healing practitioner and alchemist into all that she creates. Her incredible knowledge and healing frequency is felt in each of our products, as she energises our products to create one-of-a-kind wellness products exclusively for Hippie Lane.

Each of our sprays have a calculated blend of premium essential oils, including small crystals within to further assist in providing the ultimate in natural wellbeing and healing. They are 50ml in size and require a few sprays around your face / body and in your space to get the most out of them. 

A nourishing blend of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Cardamom, The Protect mist spray is a blend of high vibrational healing and essential oils. Each mist spray is lovingly hand blended, created for you to spray in your space, when you’re in need of peaceful healing, ritual & spiritual protection. Infused with a Black Tourmaline crystal, and solidified with mantras that assist and support the positive transformation of your sacred space.

A beautifully layered mist spray, Peace + Protect has a delicious intoxicating scent, and whole essence that will captivate you. You will feel a beautifully supportive energy with the Protect spray. It will support you with conviction as you clear your head, heart and space of negative feelings and vibrations, and offer reliable protection and support as you find your personal peace.

It is ideal for use times of transition or transformation, grief, beginnings and endings or any time you wish to lift your vibration, create a protective shield around your energy field or to clear stagnant energy from your aura, or when clarity is needed during difficult or misleading circumstances.

Each mist spray contains the following oils and crystal to provide a protective and peaceful atmosphere and a clearing of negative energy.

Essential Oils
Ylang Ylang (Feminine, Harmonising, Open Heartedness). Clove (Protection, Purification, Clarity).Sandalwood (Trust, Enthusiasm, Energy).

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a high-frequency power crystal that helps neutralize and clear negative energies. It protects you from harmful vibrations and is perfect for cleansing your space. The Black Tourmaline offers spiritual grounding and encourages an optimistic attitude, good fortune and happiness.

Warm forest notes of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.


Dimensions: 50mL