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Introducing IMBIBE Living

Introducing IMBIBE Living

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with leading inner beauty gurus IMBIBE Living. Five Star Day Spa will be launching a custom treatment in partnership with IMBIBE that aims to combine medical grade treatments with science driven inner beauty products - delivering you the highest quality of total beauty work. In addition to this, we are proudly stocking their digestible beauty range within our Fountain Plaza based store and look forward to seeing you there soon. 

A little more about the brand...

IMBIBE are a heart-centered legacy brand that does better for the planet and our people by creating innovative, highest quality and sustainable products that truly work.

Products in store at Five Star Day Spa are targeting:

  • Gut Health
  • Skin Luminosity
  • Digestion and Bloating
  • Hair Growth
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Smoother Skin
  • Collagen Production
  • Stronger Nails

Our best seller, transforming skin and gut-health for people around the globe, everyday. Bundle and save with our Inner Beauty set. This collection should last around 3 - 4 months with daily use at the recommended serving size. There are 120 serves in the Miracle Collagen 300g bag and 99 serves across the 3 x 500ml bottles of Beauty Renewal.

Our Ingestible Beauty range has been scientifically formulated to work together.  


Clinically shown in randomised placebo controlled studies to improve hair structure and make it more resistant to breakage by significantly increasing hair thickness and proliferation of human hair follicles. Also clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen in the skin increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

And that’s why we call it Miracle Collagen. 

From our early 20’s, our collagen production declines which is why we lose skin-bounce and luminosity.

Supplementing with our clinically-proven Miracle Collagen is shown to counter these early signs of aging to restore the look of juicy, hydrated skin. The short chain amino acid with an average molecular weight of 2kDA is shown to actually stimulate collagen production in your skin.

This specific Next - Generation bioactive collagen peptide is clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen so you have the bounciest, smoothest, most radiant-looking skin.

We don’t just get any ordinary collagen protein and throw it in a jar with a fancy label.

We’re not like that. You deserve better.  


Microbiologist and scientist created to promote gut-health and glowing skin.

Unleashing a wave of skin hydrating and gut nourishing properties, our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate is expert-formulated for gut health and radiant-looking skin. It promotes skin hydration and provides bio-fermented beneficial probiotics to improve your gut health which is a major plus for beautiful, dewy-looking skin and easy digestion.

Our Beauty Renewal contains the goodness of approx 6 billion probiotics per serve and multi-strain probiotics. These include probiotic strains from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic family. If you’d like to know more about the science on the strains used to ferment our Beauty Renewal, please look here.

The cocktail of skin nourishing ingredients featuring bio-fermented coconut water, grapeseed and pomegranate promote that gorgeous skin glow and lit-from-within feeling. 


Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate is a delicious three-in-one tonic:

  • BIO-FERMENTED PROBIOTIC CONCENTRATE for overall gut-health and microbiome care

  • ANTIOXIDANTS help to fight free-radical damage which can lead to early-signs of ageing. Our Beauty Renewal contains pomegranate and grapeseed which are known to contain naturally occurring antioxidants. 

  • HYDRATION is a key to skin-glow and feeling vibrant. The bio-fermented coconut water in Beauty Renewal helps to increase hydration levels, leaving your skin and gut feeling supple and nourished.