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The Evolution Of Five Star Day Spa

The Evolution Of Five Star Day Spa

We sit down with previous Five Star Day Spa owner, Cath and ask her a few questions about her time at Five Star and her favourite treatments today.

What was your initial goal behind Five Star Day Spa, and how long did you have the business?

The initial goal was to run a commercial business with my husband… to see if we could run it together… We had the business approximately 3 and a half years, selling in March 2008.


Looking back at your time, is there a specific moment or experience that stands out as a highlight?

For me it was the essence of the spa philosophy that said to me that people, especially women, need to self care and refuel and take care of themselves so they can give constantly to their families, their career, and everything else in their lives. It was not an indulgence to have treatments etc at the day spa… it was just another way to take care of themselves.


What was your most popular treatment during your time as the spa owner?

My own personal favourite has always been a body exfoliation and massage and facial package. Body wraps also were a favourite. I was always delighted when gift vouchers were bought as it was a gift very few people would give themselves. Gift vouchers made up approximately 40-50% of income at the spa. It was always a delight to see a lady have her first ever manicure or pedicure.. they were always so amazed at how beautiful they felt!


How many staff did you have working for you at the spa?

Staff numbers varied however approximately 6-7 beauty and massage therapists usually.


You still to this day frequent the spa, what’s your favourite treatment to have and what do you love about this treatment?

I usually have a body exfoliation and massage and facial, or sometimes derma blading too.


What’s your hero skincare product and why?

My go to product is a serum and/or Ultra Rich moisturiser.