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Lira Clinical PRO Brightening Masque 60g

  • $109.00

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The First On The Central Coast

Brighten, hydrate, and restore with this new enzymatic brightening masque from Lira Clinical.

Loaded with brightening agents, including 3 powerful forms of Vitamin C, and now incorporating Oligopeptide-68, this masque disrupts hyperpigmentation preventing sporadic melanin distribution.

Uniquely formulated with terpene rich MASQ-techTM, d-Limonene and naturally compliant skin hydrators, Lira Clinicals new Pro Brightening Masque delivers bright, beautiful and supple skin. It is the perfect addition for any clinical protocol, home treatment and can be used as a sleep masque.


  • Illuminates skin with three forms of vitamin C along with brightening peptide technology.

  • Strengthens barrier function by influencing natural hyaluronic acid production.

  • Terpene powered with d-Limonene and Mastiha provide access and powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Enzymatic refinement derived from pineapple and papaya enzymes digest skin cells.

  • Be Bright Overnight: Can be used as a sleep masque to repair and restore all night long.