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Saint Minerals Brow Butter

  • $35.00

Create shape, definition + voluminosity to brows with our 100% natural, highly-pigmented Brow Butter.
3 shades available 01, 02, 03 (Blonde, Brown + Dark)
Super smooth, creamy consistency with water-resistant properties

Ingredients: Riccinus Communis Seed Oil - natural emollient, helps keeps brows moisturised + shaped in place Synthetic Cera Alba - natural emollient + thickener + helps make the Brow Butter water resistant Jojoba Seed Oil - anti-inflammatory properties, soothes dehydrated + dry skin
Iron Oxides - an earth mineral which is resistant to moisture + creates "staying power"
Caprylic/capric triglyceride - derived from coconut oil + glycerine, considered an excellent emollient
Shea Butter - provides hydration + moisture to help revitalise dry skin + has anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties
Carnuaba wax - gives the product a smooth application + glossy finish. Helps keep the product in pliable, yet solid form
Tocopherol Acetate - form of vitamin E, helps prevent damage to skin caused by free radicals