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Saint Minerals Lengthening Mascara

  • $49.00

Designed to lengthen the lash with the added benefit of being long-lasting + smudge-proof Plumping collagen formulation
Bristle brush provides maximum lash impact with no clumping.
Black only, 12 ml

Directions: Start at the root + gently wiggle throughout the entire lash length to coat from root to tip for maximum coverage. For ultimate definition – take the edge of the wand to coat the bottom lashes. Clean, concise + captivating lashes are yours.

Ingredients: Synthetic Cera Alba - is a natural emollient + thickener + helps make the Mascara water resistant Collagen - creates the thickening, lengthening + voluminous appearance to each lash Carnuaba - gives the product a smooth application + glossy finish. Helps keep the product in pliable, yet solid, form
Iron Oxide Black - an earth mineral which is resistant to moisture + creates "staying power" Acrylate Copolymer - synthetic, acrylic-based, salt-derived polymer texture enhancer, binder + film-forming agent.
Stearic Acid - fatty acid used as an emollient + emulsifier, helps protect skin's surface against water loss