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CanGro Tubular Long Lashes Mascara

  • $49.00

Achieve fuller and longer eyelashes with CanGro's best tubular mascara ever!

Unlike standard mascaras that apply pigment directly onto your lashes, the CanGro Long Lashes Tubular Mascara has polymers that wrap around each strand. This #1 selling tubular mascara creates individual tubes around each lash which is great for holding curl, and gives you the maximum definition for dramatically fuller and longer eyelashes.

A water-resistant mascara, Long Lashes Tubular Mascara has a long-lasting clump-free formula that won’t flake off, smudge, or run; making it the perfect mascara for sensitive eyes. It is easily removed with warm water and gentle pressure so you don’t need makeup remover!

This 6 mL tube comes with a silicone dual-sided brush that allows you to curl and volumise your lashes using the shorter bristles then separate and lengthen each strand using the longer bristles.

Long Lashes Tubular Mascara is proudly 100%

- Australian-owned
- Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
- Hormone and paraben-free
- Palm oil-free and petrochemical-free
- Sulphate and phthalates-free

Get natural-looking luscious lashes now with Long Lashes Tubular Mascara!

Make your eyelashes longer and fuller without the hassle. Long Lashes Tubular Mascara has a gentle cruelty-free formulation that comes off easily, making it the best tubular mascara in Australia, especially for sensitive eyes.